About Fake Sports Clothing and UK Sports Goods

About Fake Sports Clothes and Sports Equipment

Fighting Fake sports clothes and fake sporting autographs

Counterfeit Sports Equipment and Clothing

Many Sports Teams, Sports equipment and Sports clothing manufacturers are currently suffering from the sale of fake sports equipment such as Fake Tennis Racquets, Fake Golf Clubs, Fake Golf Bags, Fake Football Team Shirts and other Counterfeit sports equipment and Counterfeit sports clothing.

Much Counterfeit sports equipment and clothing is manufactured in the far east (typically China and Taiwan). People purchase Pirate websites (such as the now closed - "Soccer Triads") for either their own use, or to re-sell the fake sporting items at UK Markets, Car Boot Sales or online (often via online auction websites such as eBay).

In all cases; such sales are both illegal and carry multiple risks. Eg; if buying directly from a manufacturer of fake sports goods or fake sports clothing, please remember that the sellers are criminals - they cannot be trusted. Also; should the counterfeits be intercepted by UK Trading Standards, they will be confiscated and the buyer may well be prosecuted. Also; in virtually every case; the items will be sub standard (eg; it is common for lettering to "come off" during washes) and there are often design errors (eg; on some Fake Manchester United shirts, the Name within the Manchester United badge reads "Manchester Team", Some fake Manchester City shirts bear the Manchester United Badge - the list goes on).

Fake Man Utd - Man City Football Kit       Fake Football Kit 
Fake Manchester Team Footbal Shirt Badge       Counterfeit Football Kit

It should also be noted that Fake Football Shirt sizes are also often inaccurate and with some fake football shirts; the colours may run (which can obviously damage an entire wash load).

Regarding Fake Sports Equipment; goods made to an inferior design, from inferior materials in sub standard conditions will not perform as well or last as long as the genuine item. Indeed; Fake Sports equipment can be both dangerous and a false economy.

In other cases, sellers attempt to pass off sporting goods or other items as having been autographed by sportsmen or sportswomen.

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