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About Fake Empire Levels

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Overview of Fake Empire Levels

Fake Empire Spirit Levels Sold in UK

UK Anti Piracy can confirm that Counterfeit Empire Spirit Levels - Replica Empire Levels and Fake Empire Levels are being sold in the UK via dedicated websites and online auction sites.

Empire are combatting the production and sale of fake Empire Levels - counterfeit Empire Levels worldwide.

Genuine Empire Levels are manufactured in the USA (the Empire Torpedo Level is manufactured in Mukwonago, Wisconsin) and are the product of intensive ongoing research and high level quality control - quality assurance procedures.

Fake "Empire" levels are usually manufactured in China, from sub-standard materials, with little quality control, in unregulated (often dirty and dangerous) factories staffed by unskilled workers and children. However; fake Empire level packaging may say "Made in USA".

During construction; Empire levels are screwed together but the screws are hidden. This simple quality feature is also often missing from fake Empire Levels (screws are often visible), whilst fake empire levels are also made from inferior metals and plastics which may twist, creak, squeak, bend or distort when put under pressure (eg; when twisted by hand).

Empire Levels should only be purchased from authorised Empire level suppliers.

Replica Empire Spirit Level, Counterfeit Empire Levels

Please Note; If an "Empire" Level is not made in the USA; it is a Fake Empire Level
If you find fake Empire Levels - If you buy Counterfeit Empire Levels, please tell us.
(we may be able to help you get a refund)

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