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About Trade Mark Scams

We fight trade mark scams 

Our services are not restricted to providing support and protection against fakes. UK Anti Piracy also offers free support to organisations and private individuals in the Fight against Trade Mark Scams.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (which deals with UK Trade Mark and Patent applications and licenses) has warned that numerous businesses seeking to protect their Trade Marks and Patents have been and are being targeted in what we call The Trade Mark Scam (this scam is operated around the Globe).



About the Trade Mark Scams


UK Trade Marks and Patent applications are made public.

Having access to a list of Trade Mark and Patent holders provides a database of potential victims to unscrupulous scam artists who basically notify the Trade Mark holder or Patent holder that their Patent or Trade Mark is due for renewal and invoice for the service. It should be noted that the UK Trade Marks must be renewed on the 10th anniversary of the filing date. At the time of writing (May 3rd 2014) the cost of renewal is 200 for one class of goods or services and 50 for each additional class.


Please also note that the Intellectual Property Office contact details are as follows;


Intellectual Property Office
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ
United Kingdom


Intellectual Property Office UK Phone Number;

0300 300 2000


UK Anti Piracy advises that invoices received from sources other than the Intellectual Property Office be treated with the utmost suspicion and reported on the above telephone number.


Please refer to the following IPO page on this matter; Intellectual Property Office Warning



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  • If your website has been hacked so that it contains a computer virus, malware (malicious software) or it attempts to send visitors to unrelated (often illegal) websites, please click here; fix hacked website.


  • If your website has been hijacked; if your website name is being used by someone else (usually for illegal purposes) please click here; fix hijacked website.



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