Fake Watches, Counterfeit Designer Watches and Replica Watches

Counterfeit Watches, Replica, Fake Designer Watches

Fighting Replica Watches and Fake Designer watches

About Replica, Counterfeit, Fake Watches

Genuine designer watches are created by genuine craftsmen using premium materials and are manufactured to a standard.

Fake watches are made on production lines using pre-assembled (bought in) watch mechanisms which use standard - components and questionable materials, low quality oils, inferior plastics and metals. Fake watches are made down to a price.

Please note that fake watches are often made using fake jewels and fake precious metals. Counterfeit watches - Replica watches are produced - sold by criminals. These are not people that should have your contact info and bank details. 

It should also be noted that the resale value of genuine designer watch will almost always be high and some genuine watches will appreciate in value.

Most fake designer watches have virtually no resale value (they are virtually worthless).

Additionally; fake watches will wear out much more quickly than genuine watches and when a fake watch develops a fault, it usually cannot be serviced.

About Counterfeit Watches - Fake Designer Watches

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